"Many, many thanks for our beautiful new home.  We also want to thank you for our very pleasant new home construction experience.  We must admit we embarked on this experience with some trepidation, because Fred was a builder in New Jersey in excess of 50 years. Because of obligations in New Jersey and not knowing the subcontractors here in Virginia, we decided to hire a local builder to build our home.  After interviewing 3 builders and seeing their workmanship, we decided on ProMark Custom Home Builders. Our selection has never disappointed us.  Your professionalism, integerity, honesty, and outstanding reputation not only with your customers, but also with your subcontractors and suppliers is beyond impressive. All of your subcontractors are all very professional and easy with which to work. We are extremely grateful to your job super, Randy Wix, for his attentiveness and assistance in resolving any and all problems that arose during and after construction.  He is worth his weight in Gold!  The workmanship and promptness of both your subcontractors and job super says a lot about you and your organization.  We couldn’t be happier in our home, and when showing off our home to family and friends, we are so proud to say ProMark Custom Homes is our builder."
Fred and Ruth Meier - 2015