Promark Custom Homes has been building fine homes in the greater Williamsburg area since 1986. Open and honest communication during the entire building process will assure you we take every phase of your home's construction - and your satisfaction - seriously. We are a family owned and operated business - we will build for your family as we would for ours. Let us be a part of this exciting step in your life. You will quickly understand why almost 100% of the clients we have built for have become new friends of ours and recommend us to other (future) clients. 



How long have you been in business? 

Since 1986.


What type of homes do you build? 

Custom homes with features that the home owner dictates however we specialize in Colonial, Georgian and Cape Cod style homes. We can design ranch style and 2 story homes based on what you are imagining.   


How many homes do you build a year? 

On the average-4 plus some renovations. This will vary but we are capable to handle more.


How many people do you have on staff?

 I have currently have 2 full time employees plus myself. 


How much do you charge per square foot? 

A lot of factors effect this answer. I would rather see the plans and features before I give any kind of price estimate.


What is required for a first meeting? 

Nothing serious. It is mostly a meet and greet type encounter. I see the first meeting as a chance for the owner and me to evaluate each others goals and see if we will be a good fit for each other. 


What is the next step after the first meeting?

If the first meeting is successful, then we can start working on the planning process. This will enable us to provide a budget for the proposed construction. 


How long is the Design Process? 

This will vary depending on how much work is needed. If the owner has a good handle on what they want, the process can go fairly quick. Most times I would plan on 2-3 months from start to finish.


How long will it take to build my home? 

On the average plan on 7-8 months from permit to finish. Add extra time if a basement is added.


When do we know the total cost of our home? 

After the design process is complete prior to starting the building. 


What if I want to change something after the contract has been signed?

We are a "custom" home building company and are capable of changing things as we go. We try to minimize the number of changes prior to starting by addressing the plans and specifications before hand. This helps keep the schedule on track.


What type of contract do you have? 

Most of the contracts are a "fixed price" type. This locks in a price that won't change if the market changes. We can also do a "cost plus" type contract that could potentially save the owner money. I can discuss in detail at the first meeting. Prior to signing the contract I will go over the details and payment terms so the owner knows what to expect. 


How do we know what we are getting for our money? 

I prepare a very extensive list of specifications for how the house will be built and what is included. Along with this I also make sure the plans are accurate and describes the final product. We want to make sure that the owner and us have the best possible understanding of what is expected.


How do we go about making selections? 

I have a list of suppliers that I give to the owner. The owner can use them or another company that they like.


How do change orders work? 

When changes occur, we will provide a cost for it and get the owner to approve or modify. Once we have written confirmation the change is OK we apply it to the home. This way the owner knows what the cost will be as we proceed with the building. No surprises at the end of the job. 


How many times am I required to visit the house? 

We welcome the owner to visit the home anytime they want. There will be several times when we need to have the owner at the home. This will be arranged ahead of time. In some cases the owner is out of town. When this is the case we provide photos of the progress so the owner knows how things are progressing.


When do you turn the house over? 

Once the home is finished and we have obtained a certificate of occupancy from local building offical.


How does the closing work? 

If the owner also owns the lot there is no formal closing-not required. Once the home is done and ready to move into we will meet with the owner and go over the final accounting and payment terms.